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Domestic Investigation Services is a full-service private investigation firm in California, providing reliable, trustworthy, covert, and effective investigation services. We are a California private investigator firm, uniquely qualified and ready to provide you with a broad range of service offerings to get you the answers you deserve.

California private investigators must meet a rigorous standard in order to maintain a private investigator license. You can rest assured that Domestic Investigation Services possess the knowledge, experience, and proper certifications to get results. Our staff is comprised of top-notch, experienced investigation professionals who possess the foresight, insight, and wherewithal to get the job done.

We at Domestic Investigation Services conduct both civil and criminal investigations. Headquartered in Los Angeles County, we are in a California private investigator hot spot. Our network of contacts throughout California allows us to conduct private investigations statewide, and beyond.

With a host of services available, it is highly likely that we will be able to meet your needs. Computer forensics, cell phone tracking, email tracing, surveillance, and DNA testing are just some of the many services available to get the answers you seek. As a licensed California private detective, Domestic Investigation Services knows how to legally and covertly obtain information.

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