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Signs of Infidelity

Signs of Infidelity There are usually several signs that indicate one’s spouse is potentially cheating. The following are a few examples:

The cheating spouse is increasingly spending time away from home

  • Is your spouse claiming to be working a lot of overtime?
  • Has your spouse started taking frequent “business trips”? This could be a sign of an affair in the workplace.
  • Is there an unexplained increase in mileage on your spouse’s vehicle?
  • Does your spouse want to attend functions outside of work alone?

A change in a cheating spouse’s sexual behavior

  • Is your spouse trying new sexual techniques?
  • Has your spouse’s interest in you decreased?
  • Have you found birth control items in your lover’s drawer?

An increase in the cheating spouse’s purchases and phone bill

  • Does your spouse have unexplained receipts in their wallet or purse?
  • Are there any unexplained payments on your spouse’s bank statement or credit card bill?
  • Does your spouse avoid showing you the cell phone bill?

The cheating spouse’s clothes have the scent of a different perfume/cologne or alcohol

  • Does your spouse do his own laundry?
  • Does your spouse come home smelling like alcohol?

The cheating spouse asks for privacy when using his computer

  • Does your spouse lock himself in a room or stay up late to use the computer in private?
  • Has your spouse recently created new e-mail accounts?

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