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Orange County private investigators must comply with all California private investigator state licensing requirements. As a licensed private investigator serving the entire Orange County area, we can serve you all the way from La Habra to Irvine to San Clemente, from surrounding Los Angeles county and beyond. However, there are certain limits that private investigators have, even with the privileges that the private investigator license does award.

It is illegal to act as a private investigator in California without a license, and you can be assured that in working with us, all of the services you receive are performed in accordance with all California private investigator licensing requirements. As your trusted Orange County private investigator, we will keep your case held in the utmost of confidence, and no one will ever know that you are working with us.

Out highly-skilled and experienced investigators can tackle almost any issue. Domestic violence, cheating, child endangerment, stalking, and other related matters of the home are not to be taken lightly. As your personal Orange County private investigator, we are here for you, and will conduct all your investigations covertly and legally.

A private investigator license does not award the privilege of trespassing, nor does it allow private investigators to break the law. Access to information is not unlimited, though it is greater than what an unlicensed person can attain.

Residents of the Orange County area generally feel pretty safe, but they are not exempt from domestic violence. Stalking, rape, child endangerment, abuse, and the like happen, and they can happen to anyone.

Our Orange County private investigators are available to you to help prevent these unpleasant things from happening, and to help bring you the peace of mind you deserve.

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