Bitcoin: The best crypto wallet apps of 2021

Best mobile wallet for beginners.

Best mobile wallet for decentralized finance (DeFi).

Best mobile wallet for a decentralized identity.

Best mobile wallet to save.

While not the best way to store cryptocurrency for the long term, mobile wallets can be the most convenient way to spend crypto assets quickly.

Exodus Crypto Wallet: ideal for beginners

Exodus is a multi-currency, cross-platform crypto wallet that supports Windows and Mac computers as well as Android and iOS devices. This wallet supports 126 different cryptocurrency assets , many of which are little known to cryptocurrency newbies. Exodus users can also trade between many cryptocurrencies supported by the wallet.

One of the major strengths of the Exodus wallet is its extreme ease of use thanks to its clean and tidy user interface, which is mostly devoid of the distracting and confusing complexity that most expect crypto / crypto users. wallet are obliged to support.

The Exodus wallet also allows its users to bet on cryptocurrencies like tezos (XTZ), cosmos (ATOM) and VeChain (VET), supports cryptocurrency- activated applications also allowing sports betting. In addition, this software also supports decentralized lending protocol, allowing its users to earn on stablecoin deposits.

Crypto Wallet Money: the best for decentralized finance (DeFi)

Silver is an Ether Wallet (ETH) that also supports ERC20 cryptocurrency and provides easy access to the world of DeFi protocols through support for Decentralized Applications ( dApps ). The user experience offered by this app largely resembles Venmo and is aimed at a non-technical audience.

Argent is also recommended for beginners who have not yet learned how to manage their private keys responsibly through a built- in recovery system . This wallet does not require its users to save a seed phrase, and if you lose access to your wallet, you can ask previously chosen people to approve your access to your wallet through a chained smart contract.

Another cool feature offered by this wallet is the support for meta-transactions , which allows users to sign a transaction intent which can later be passed through another wallet. This is to ensure that users will not lose access to their cryptocurrency assets if the company behind the software ceases operations.

Finally, Argent also allows its users to set transaction limits or lock their wallet in the event of device theft, to avoid loss of funds. These features are enabled by the smart contract-based approach of this wallet: instead of directly holding the user’s funds at the address corresponding to their private key, the assets are held in a smart contract allowing more control. advanced.

SelfKey crypto wallet: the best for decentralized identity

SelfKey is the most unique wallet included in this review, so much so that simply calling it a wallet sounds wrong. This Ether and ERC20 cryptocurrency wallet includes a standalone identity management system and ecosystem of services that allow its users to take advantage of this functionality.

SelfKey leverages the KYC blockchain-based KYC-Chain solution to verify data – such as documents, residence, address, contact details, about the user in the SelfKey ID, and then allow third parties to verify who is the user.

Moreover, all of this data is stored locally on the user’s device, which avoids the existence of a centralized target for hackers who want to acquire large amounts of personal data. More security-conscious users can also secure their SelfKey wallet key with Ledger or Trezor hardware wallets.

SelfKey’s main selling point is its Marketplace, which allows the user to quickly access services with SelfKey ID verification and pay with the ecosystem’s proprietary KEY cryptocurrency.

This marketplace allows the user to start a new business in 12 jurisdictions and integrate it or open new bank accounts in 20 countries.

L’avvocato Crypto vede il presidente della SEC in arrivo come una vittoria per Bitcoin, non XRP

Jake Chervinsky ritiene che il nuovo presidente della SEC sarà un sostenitore di Bitcoin.

L’approvazione del Bitcoin ETF seguirà più probabilmente la nomina di Gensler.

L’ondulazione è ancora minacciata dalla SEC.

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Il Trust Project è un consorzio internazionale di organizzazioni giornalistiche che costruisce standard di trasparenza.

Jake Chervinsky, consulente generale per la finanza composta e co-presidente del gruppo DeFi presso la Blockchain Association, ritiene che l’introduzione di Gary Gensler come nuovo presidente della SEC sarà un passo positivo per Bitcoin a lungo termine.

SEC diventa Pro-Bitcoin

Parlando su Twitter, Chervinsky ha commentato ciò che credeva sarebbe successo se Gensler fosse diventato Presidente della SEC. L’avvocato spiega che ritiene che Gensler guiderebbe le politiche a favore di Bitcoin.

È stato ampiamente riportato che il neoeletto presidente Joe Biden nominerà Gesler alla presidenza della SEC. Una mossa che probabilmente placherà la comunità dei crittografi.

Gary Gensler capisce profondamente la crittografia e da anni sostiene fortemente il Bitcoin. La sua scelta come presidente della SEC segna un cambiamento di politica a favore di un ETF bitcoin.

Nel 2018 ha anche dichiarato ufficialmente che c’è un „caso forte“ che l’XRP è una sicurezza, segnalando che non c’è stato alcun cambiamento su questo tema.
– Jake Chervinsky (@jchervinsky) 12 gennaio 2021

Bitcoin buono, Ripple cattivo?

Gensler ha una visione positiva delle crittocittà e dell’adozione a catena di blocco, arrivando a chiamare Bitcoin la forma moderna dell’oro. È anche noto per i corsi di insegnamento sulle catene di blocco e sui Bitcoin al MIT.

Chervinsky ha commentato la potenziale nomina di Gensler aggiungendo che Gensler „capisce profondamente la crittografia e sostiene fortemente il Bitcoin da anni“.

Chervinsky ritiene inoltre che la nomina vedrà un cambiamento di politica a favore di un Bitcoin Exchange-Traded-Fund (ETF).

Gensler ha anche affermato in precedenza che esiste una forte argomentazione che l’XRP è un titolo, il che potrebbe significare che le attuali disgrazie e le recenti accuse mosse contro Ripple dalla SEC rimarranno.

Proseguendo nel processo di riflessione, Chervinsky ha spiegato che Gensler potrebbe aver cambiato idea sul fatto che l’XRP operi come sicurezza. Tuttavia, le possibilità che un presidente in arrivo (che non era presente per l’indagine) possa ribaltare la decisione della SEC sarebbero improbabili.

Il reclamo della SEC non sostiene queste argomentazioni.

È piuttosto difficile immaginare un nuovo presidente della SEC che non fosse presente durante l’indagine e la votazione sulla politica di inversione dell’azione esecutiva in questo caso.
– Jake Chervinsky (@jchervinsky) 12 gennaio 2021

All-in-all, la nomina di Gensler a presidente della SEC dovrebbe essere rialzista per bitcoin e per la comunità dei crittografi in generale. Tuttavia, sembra che Ripple avrà ancora una battaglia tra le mani.

Amid vaccine optimism, dollar falls, bitcoin rises

Bitcoin may have conquered even more space as a store of value, surpassing even the dollar.


The end of 2020 is a very iconic moment for Bitcoin, setting a new price record for where the next few years will be based or, at best, the beginning of a high to even higher levels. We are still seeing good signs of currency appreciation and the announcement of the Bitcoin Evolution Oxford vaccine approval in the UK increasing investor sentiment of greed and risk.


At a time when the market has a higher sense of risk, we can expect more and more purchases from investors looking to make profits from the currency appreciation.


While all the vaccine news helps the market, the vaccine produced in the UK has some advantages over location and distribution.



Hani Redha, a diversified portfolio manager at PineBridge, was quoted by the NewsBTC website as saying:


„This is a very important development in the global fight against the pandemic. Unlike its counterparts, the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine will have more doses to transfer between developing countries with relatively higher temperatures. Only the number of doses and the ease of distribution in developing countries make it very important“.


As a result, the market’s positivity towards assets with the highest exposure to risk has made investors look to Bitcoin for profits, balancing Fear and Greed even more likely to go green.



The recent Fear and Greed index shows that Bitcoin is in the area of Extreme Greed.

Dollar continues to lose and Bitcoin on the way to US$ 30,000

The US Dollar Index, which shows the relative strength of the dollar against other currencies, fell to its lowest since April 2018. This put the dollar to a low with the currency not a good reserve value.


This is an interesting fact because one of the reasons Bitcoin is so highly valued is that it could be a store of value during the crisis and the insecurity of the future (which is true). But the dollar has always shown itself to recover with news about vaccines and the possibility of an end to this health crisis while other assets were losing their breath.


This shows that Bitcoin may have conquered even more space as a store of value, surpassing even the dollar.


In the medium and long term, this is a positive sentiment for cryptomyces. With the recent increase in market entry flow, Bitcoin shows no resistance up to $30,000.